Building a Sustainable Future through Biodiversity Net Gain

The Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) policy is a game-changer for environmental protection and sustainable development.

By requiring developers to enhance biodiversity on their sites, and in some cases, off-site as well, the policy ensures that development contributes to the restoration and improvement of our natural ecosystems. This means that we can build the homes, infrastructure, and commercial spaces we need while also safeguarding the environment and its precious biodiversity.

The BNG policy will help to increase the number of green spaces, improve air quality, mitigate climate change, and support the recovery of endangered species. In short, it will help us to build a sustainable future where humans and nature can thrive together.

Advancing Biodiversity Conservation with Agtelligence AI Model

Agtelligence is committed to advancing the protection and enhancement of biodiversity through our innovative AI model.

Our solution provides information on habitat quality, connectivity, and changes over time, enabling landowners, developers, and local authorities to meet their net biodiversity gain obligations.

Off-site BNG Monitoring

Agtelligence offers a cutting-edge solution for monitoring biodiversity net gain (BNG) obligations through the use of satellite imagery.

Our AI model provides live monitoring and reporting on the development's impact on biodiversity, allowing for immediate action to be taken if necessary. Furthermore, our system provides 30 years of off-site monitoring, ensuring long-term compliance with BNG regulations.

With our technology, landowners, developers, and local authorities can have peace of mind knowing that their development projects are aligning with environmental regulations and actively contributing to the protection of biodiversity.


Get in Touch with Agtelligence

Contact Agtelligence today to learn about our innovative AI model for biodiversity monitoring and meet your biodiversity net gain obligations. Our expert staff is ready to provide guidance and support for landowners, developers, and local authorities.

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