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Agtelligence gives farmers access to the latest science and advanced technology-powered data. Helping farmers transform farming for a bright future.

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Agriculture: A 12,000-Year Evolution on it’s edge

Farming technology has evolved greatly over the last 12,000 years, but its impact on soils, biodiversity, and climate has reached a tipping point. However, with the right approach, farming has the potential to regenerate landscapes, protect soils, and provide space for wildlife.

Transitioning to Sustainable Farming

The world is asking farmers to change, and customers are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts farming has on the land.Governments are promoting regenerative agriculture through subsidy schemes like the Sustainable farming incentive, while retailers are becoming interested in the climate impacts of their supply chains.

Many farmers have shown they can transition to a sustainable farming system, improving their soils, biodiversity, and run a profitable business.

Re-Imagining Farming for People, Biodiversity and Climate

Agtelligence invites you to join the movement towards sustainable agriculture and a better future for people, biodiversity, and the climate. By empowering farmers with the right information and tools, we can re-imagine farming and manage land in a more responsible and regenerative way.



FarmScore® uses Earth Observation Data to Assess the Sustainability of Farms Worldwide

Agtelligence is revolutionizing the UK agricultural sector with FarmScore®. By promoting regenerative farming this platform – a user-friendly web application and mobile app – is aimed at boosting the UK's agricultural sector's ability to adapt to climate change.

FarmScore Interface

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Nima Eskandari
Chief Executive Officer
William Rickard
Chief Scientific Officer
Simon Maddox
Chief Finance Officer
Babak Rezvani
Environmental Planner and GIS Specialist
Beth Roberts
Senior Scientific Specialist
Imane El Fartassi
Senior Advisor and Farmer Engagement

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We believe the solutions agriculture needs are already available in academia, the farming world, catapults and Agri-tech. We aim to bring this expertise together and build systems that farmers can access. Reach out to us.

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