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Agtelligence uses latest science to connect organisations to the environment and enables meaningful impact.

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Global Sustainability Crisis

Our planet is in crisis. With wildlife abundance down by 70%, Globally, 40% of soil is degraded and CO2 emissions up by 45%, we can't afford to wait any longer.

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Join Us in Driving Positive Environmental Impact

ESG is crucial for sustainability. It provides transparency on environmental impact and shows steps taken to support the environment, meeting investor and stakeholder demand.

Join us to help drive these ESG efforts to positive impactful results.

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Transitioning to Sustainable Land Management

Invest in sustainable agriculture to restore biodiversity and soil health. With 38% of the world's land used for agriculture and 70% in the UK, engagement is crucial.

We need £671 billion to restore biodiversity to safe levels, with 50% needed for arable landscapes.

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Unleashing the power of earth observation data for greener futures

Earth Observation is the key to monitoring environmental health at scale. With a wide range of sensors and frequent data updates, we can safeguard our ecosystems and ensure a sustainable future for all. We at Agtelligence aim to harness this power of Earth Observation everyday.
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FarmScore® uses Earth Observation Data to Assess the Sustainability of Farms Worldwide

Agtelligence is revolutionising the UK agricultural sector with FarmScore®. We aim to empower everyone to view sustainability scores across UK farmlands. FarmScore® is a Pathway to help take informed environmental action.

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Meet our team

Nima Eskandari
Chief Executive Officer
William Rickard
Chief Scientific Officer
Simon Maddox
Chief Finance Officer
Babak Rezvani
Environmental Planner and GIS Specialist
Beth Roberts
Senior Scientific Specialist
Reuben Langdon
Project Assistant
Dr Vahid Akbari
Senior Earth Observation Scientist

Collaborate with us

We believe the solutions agriculture needs are already available in academia, the farming world, catapults and Agri-tech. We aim to bring this expertise together and build systems that farmers can access. Reach out to us.

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