Agtelligence is a forward-thinking climate-tech company committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

With a deep understanding of the role that the private sector plays in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability, Agtelligence provides innovative solutions to help corporations improve their environmental performance and transparency.

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Our mission is to empower businesses to have a real impact on the environment by leveraging earth observation data and advanced technologies.

We offer acomprehensive platform that enables corporations to track and monitor keyenvironmental indicators such as biodiversity, soil health, and landscapediversity Water quality and Green house gas emmisons.Through our user-friendly web application and mobile app, clients gain valuableinsights into their environmental projects, identify areas for improvement, andtrack progress towards sustainability targets.

At Agtelligence, we work with a diverse range of corporate clients across industries including energy, agriculture, food supply chain, and construction.We also extend our platform to farmers and landowners, providing them with free access to track their progress in transitioning to sustainable farming systems.For corporate clients, we offer subscription-based access to our data and downloadable reports, allowing them to make informed decisions based on accurate environmental information.

Our team consists of experts in earth observation technology, environmental policy, and land management best practices. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate complex environmental challenges and achieve their sustainability goals. By collaborating with us, businesses can align their operations with sustainable practices and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Meet our team

Nima Eskandari
Chief Executive Officer
William Rickard
Chief Scientific Officer
Simon Maddox
Chief Finance Officer
Babak Rezvani
Environmental Planner and GIS Specialist
Beth Roberts
Senior Scientific Specialist
Reuben Langdon
Project Assistant
Dr Vahid Akbari
Senior Earth Observation Scientist

Collaborate with us

We believe the solutions agriculture needs are already available in academia, the farming world, catapults and Agri-tech. We aim to bring this expertise together and build systems that farmers can access. Reach out to us.

Harwell Campus:
Agtelligence, Atlas Building (R27)Harwell, Oxford, OX11 OQX
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