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Satellite Data for Sustainable Development

We aid sustainable business development with objective, timely and accurate analysis of nature impacts and dependencies.

Sustainable business development requires objective, timely and accurate data

Our advanced methodology distils the complexity of business-nature interaction into holistic, informative metrics. Aligned with sustainability disclosure frameworks, our analysis is crafted for comprehensive data-driven decision making.


Our AI based modelling maps business-nature interaction and quantifies the impact of business activity on ecosystem health.


Aligned with recommendations, our holistic ecosystem analytics are highly relevant to mandatory and additional metrics for ESG compliance reporting.


AI forecasting of specific habitat indicators aids scenario planning, enhancing risk assessment practices.

Use cases

Satellite data for:


Aligned with CSRD, SFDR and TNFD, Agtelligence ESG Metrics provide the backbone for due-diligence risk and opportunity assessment.


Consumer goods corporates can utilise our Earth Observation services to monitor progress in line with ESG strategy, monitoring grower incentive schemes.

Asset Managers

Our knowledge of natural systems is reflected in our comprehensive metrics, aiding analysis of green portfolios in combating greenwashing.

Private investors

Agtelligence ESG metrics distil the complexity of Business-Nature interactions, creating the transparency required for confident nature-positive investments.


Habitat scoring enables strategy development

Our holistic scoring methodology describes habitat health and poses suggestions for improvement using AI based forecasting. This quantitative evaluation can be easily incorporated into scenario planning, and forms the basis for an indicator of strategy success.

Monitoring Ecosystem Metrics

We use highest-resolution imagery to track metrics such as habitat quality and soil erosion, providing timely, accurate and objective metrics for ESG reporting.

Sustainability Scoring

We employ time series analysis to forecast changes in ecosystem sustainability, and apply a scoring methodology to quantify the progress of regenerative initiatives.

Implementing bespoke conservation strategies

Using cutting edge satellite data, we develop custom ESG monitoring, reporting and verification programmes that maximise conservation effectiveness and optimise resource allocation.

Simplify Your ESG Journey

Align with global standards.

Our services provide scalable data and insight that is expertly aligned with developing regulation, including: GRI, ISSB, UKSDS, TNFD, TPT and CSRD. Avoid corner cutting by using scalable, accessible and high-resolution Earth Observation data.

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